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Remote Control

Proactivanet remote control enables you to connect quickly and securely to any PC both on Internet and over the corporate intranet.

Remote Control



Proactivanet remote control will enable you to connect easily, quickly and safely to any PC both on Internet and over the corporate intranet. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android… you can handle all of these remotely with no need to change location, thus reducing the operating costs of support while at the same time improving times required for resolving incidents.

To start a remote control session with staffing the operator need only notify the user of the session code, which must be entered into a user portal or any other corporate website and the remote session will be started automatically. It is as simple as that!!!

For PCs whose user is not available, Proactivanet also allows you to start unstaffed remote control sessions.

And all of this is possible without taking information security risks, since all communications are always encrypted using the most secure standards on the market, which enables different levels of access according to the organization’s needs, transparent to firewalls and antivirus.


  • Do you need to provide support to PCs that are not on the network, or even to users on the move who are traveling?

Proactivanet Remote Control can be connected interchangeably to the local network or over Internet, which enables you to set up remote connections in any PC that has an Internet connection.

  • It is also necessary to offer remote support when the technician is not in the office either and/or you are traveling?

With Proactivanet Remote Control, it is not only the end user who can be outside of the local network, the technician who provides remote support can also be outside of the corporate network, (or even both!) And all of this with the same features.

  • Is it sometimes necessary to provide remote support to PCs that are not even those of the company, collaborators or external suppliers?

Proactivanet does not require that the PCs be previously registered on the Asset Management platform, and hence it is possible to control any PC remotely at any time by only sharing a session code with the user that must be entered into the user portal or into other corporate portals.

  • Is it necessary to provide support to PCs that are outside of the network, unstaffed, and with nobody connected to them? (Information points, kiosks, PCs for presentation in TVs / projectors, ...)

Proactivanet Remote Control also enables you to connect with unstaffed PCs. All features available for sessions staffed by the user will also be available using this unstaffed connection method.

  • Does the business worry about what the technicians are doing with the remote control tool? Are there fears that someone is connecting with PCs of VIP users or with sensitive information?

Proactivanet Remote Control generates audit records for all remote control sessions by saving the sessions and indicating the user served, the technician who provided remote assistance, the date and time of the session, the IP addresses of both, among other data...thus ensuring that these sessions can be tracked and that there is evidence.



  • By eliminating costs and times requiredfor travel, even when the technician and/or user are outside of the corporate network.


  • By helping the technicians to resolve incidents more quickly, without changing location and without user involvement,so that they can plan better.


  • By reducing times requiredfor resolving incidents, which can now be managed more expeditiously, with fewer disruptions for end users.


  • By offering a new method for remote communication and support,improving times required for response to and resolution of incidents.


  • Establishment of remote connections regardless of the operating system (client PCs, server PCs, mobile PCs), and regardless of the location of the equipment (from and to Internet or the local network).
  • Staffed mode (without any local installation or configuration) or unstaffed mode (requires the installation of a small service).
  • Level of warning/authorization prior to the configurable remote connection (remote connections that are either completely transparent, or with end user’s warning/explicit authorization).
  • Secure remote connections with no need to open special ports.
  • Capability of setting up multiple remote connections at the same time for a single support operator (connection to various PCs at the same time, using a single license).
  • Capability of “reversing” the connection to display the technician’s screen.
  • Option to record the remote-control sessions.
  • Chat with capability to set up communication using audiovisuals between the technician and the user.
  • Execution of command lines, “drag & drop” file transfer, clipboard management and device reset.
  • Native integration with the User Portal of Proactivanet Service Desk, including online chat between the user and operator, with no need of any local installation for the end user.
  • Native integration with Proactivanet Service Desk (optional modules) with access to remote control directly from the incidents, requests, problems, changes ... that are managed on the platform.
  • Native integration with Proactivanet Discovery & Asset Management (optional module), with access to remote control directly from the form/list of assets.


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