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Discovery & Asset Management

This allows you to find out the Discovery of all IT equipment in an instant, as well as its licenses and configuration, in an automatic manner.

Discovery & Gestión de Activos



Proactivanet Discovery & Asset Management enables you to find out the Discovery of all IT equipment in an instant and comprehensively, as well as its licenses and configuration, in an automatic manner with no need for staffing.

Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, client computers or servers, physical or virtual, mobile devices, routers, switches, printers… all are managed in Proactivanet, which carries out their detection and Discovery in an automated, quick and non-intrusive manner.

The tool Discovery & Asset Management is in charge of providing data to the rest of ITSM processes integrated into the same platform (incident management, requests, problems, changes, CMDB configuration,...). It not only provides basic information for decision-making and conducting audits (both of -SAM- software licensing, and also security or regulatory audits) but it also enables you to automate other tasks of the infrastructure and operations (I&O) department, such as the control of the real performance of the PCs, the control of software use, the automated distribution of software, remote control, etc.

Proactivanet Discovery is a modular system made up of independent elements that exchange information and interact among themselves. Due to its modular nature it can be adapted to do implementation in very heterogeneous environments. See its architecture and components.

The discovery module of Proactivanet provides information on the endpoints (UEM) connected to the corporate network, the applications installed, how, by whom and when the software is consumed, and all in a connected and unified manner. Finding out about our endpoints and their consumption is the first step in understanding how our organization is consuming technological assets, which in turn enables us to make data-based decisions that are better adapted to our business about provision of services and automation of processes. In addition, unified endpoint management (UEM) helps companies protect and control their entire IT environment.

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  • Do you need to decrease the annual expense for software licensing? Does a large part of your operations budget go to licensing of virtualization platforms?

    Proactivanet does an automatic Discovery of all licenses installed in the infrastructure, and it also measures their level of usage and detects underutilized or overutilized licenses.

    Proactivanet is also integrated with the main virtualization systems (such as VMware and Hyper-V), which enables it to make decisions to optimize resources and save money.

    According to Gartner, correct control of licensing can lead to savings of up to 30% annually.

  • Do you have insufficient staff for managing an increasingly large-scale and complex infrastructure?

    Proactivanet makes infrastructure administration much easier, automates tasks and frees up as much as 20% of the time spent by IT technicians.

  • A warning about a new wave of viruses has just arrived! Do you know whether all equipment is up-to-date, or is there a real risk for information security?

    Proactivanet enables detection of potentially vulnerable systems, which are still using obsolete operating systems, or which are not correctly uppdated, and all in a proactive manner! (Oriented to prevention instead of repair).

  • Are there an increasing number of smartphones and tablets connected to the corporate network? Who has them? Are they all secured? What would happen if one of them that contains sensitive information is lost?

    Proactivanet enables us to audit company mobile phones and manage them remotely (Mobile Device Management, MDM) thus establishing security policies, installing/uninstalling software, geo-location, automatic blocking and/or remote deletion in the event of loss, etc.


cost reduction

  • By detecting underused HW & SW infrastructure.
  • By making possible better decision-making for infrastructure investments.
  • By improving usage of software licenses and the success rate of SAM audits.
  • By decreasing the effort needed for “daily operations” by automating tasks.


  • By freeing up the IT staff’s time thanks to automation of tasks, such as software distribution and updating of the PCs (among others).
  • By streamlining audits of software -SAM- (and other types of audits), by drastically decreasing preparation time and run time.


  • By decreasing the times for diagnosis and resolution of incidents and requests.
  • By decreasing the number of incidents derived from poorly implemented changes due to an incomplete or insufficiently comprehensive impact analysis.


  • By improving the availability of the services thanks to better management of the IT infrastructure on which they are implemented.
  • By optimal and much more efficient administration of a quickly changing infrastructure that is increasingly complex and extensive.


  • Automatic and exhaustive discovery of all hardware, software and configuration assets of the PCs.

  • Discovery and automatic Discovery of mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

  • Automatic Discovery of other devices such as screens, network elements, switches, routers, printers, multi-function devices, … as well as any other device that supports SNMP protocol.

  • Automatic Discovery of the VMware virtualization infrastructure.

  • Automated compilation of information critical for software license management (SAM, Software Asset Management).

  • Data mining adaptable to each organization’s specific needs thanks to advanced reports, completely customized lists, and dashboards for interactive graphic presentation of the information gathered.

  • Native integration with Proactivanet Service Desk (optional module), which enables the automatic creation of tickets in the face of Discovery events.

  • Native integration with Proactivanet Configuration Management (CMDB) (optional module), which enables automatic feeding of the CMDB based on the technological assets from the Discovery, their subsequent synchronization and automatic creation of relationships among the assets.

  • Native integration with Proactivanet Remote Control (optional module) which enables remote access to the PCs, involving staff (with prior authorization of the session user) or without staffing (access at any moment), from or to PCs of the local network itself and/or connected directly to Internet.

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