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Capacity and Availability Management

Proactivanet optimizes and monitors the IT services so that they operate correctly and without disruptions at a reasonable cost.

Gestión de la Capacidad y la Disponibilidad



Capacity and Availability Management is responsible for optimizing and monitoring the IT services so that they operate correctly and without disruptions at a reasonable cost and supported by correctly scaled resources.

Proactivanet Service Desk integrates Capacity and Availability Management with the rest of ITSM processes, thus making it possible not only to monitor levels of availability and performance of the infrastructure, but also of the services themselves, which is really what is relevant for the business. Moreover, it also makes it possible to automate the creation and closure of incidents in the event of unavailability and/or jeopardized capacities, thus controlling the level of compliance with the SLAs arranged with the client, or even providing a real-time display of the status of the services within the CMDB itself.

The integration between this module and the CMDB is complete, taking advantage at all times of the modeling of the services that have been carried out in the CMDB to calculate their availability and levels of capacity (a single modeling in CMDB to support the rest of the processes).

The most important thing is to focus capacity and availability management on the services, and not only on the infrastructure that provides them; it is here where Proactivanet and its CMDB offer a differential value, by minimizing false positives and making the service the focal point of everything.


  • Are there availability problems due to lack of capacity?

Proactivanet Capacity and Availability Management allows you to measure the current demand for services and for infrastructure elements. In this manner it is possible to make future estimates that prevent situations that jeopardize capacity and to ensure continuity of these services before unavailability really affects the business.

  • Are there frequent false positives regarding infrastructure outages that do not really affect the services, but that create constant “noise” for the IT technicians?

Proactivanet integrates the information on the actual status of the infrastructure directly into the CMDB, which enables you to display the actual availability of the services, thus preventing false positives for outages of technological elements that are not really affecting the business. The centralized double view of technology and of services will enable you to prioritize tasks appropriately, thus tackling first those anomalous circumstances that really affect the business.

  • When the IT services crash, do the users themselves notice it even before the IT department? Would you like to have a better image and service quality for your business?

Thanks to the native integration between Proactivenet Service Desk’s incident management and its capacity and availability management, incidents are created automatically as soon as unavailability is detected and/or capacity is jeopardized in the services, which enables us to take quick action even before the users notice the effects.

  • Does the modeling of services in the CMDB fail to always coincide with what has been configured on the monitoring platform? Are there service definitions that do not always coincide, and that are not always updated?

Each piece of data, in its place and in a single place. Proactivanet enables you to develop a single model of how the services are provided, directly on the CMDB module, which becomes a basic central hub for the rest of the processes. In this manner, it will not be necessary to develop another model for services so that they can be monitored: once defined in the CMDB, the tool will begin automatically to monitor and control the capacity and availability of services based on definite rules. Define one, use as many!



  • By adapting capacity and availability levels to the business’s real needs, without unjustified extra costs.
  • By avoiding making investmentsthat can be prevented by balancing correctly the underutilized capacity.
  • By reducing unnecessary operating costs and infrastructure maintenance costs.


  • By reducing the outage timesfor services thanks to early detection of unavailability or jeopardized capacities in the critical infrastructure.


  • By being able to predictoutages of the services due to lack of capacity, by analyzing trends in the behavior of the services and/or infrastructure.
  • By detecting outages of services or infrastructure even before it begins to affect users.


  • By objectively improving levels of availabilityof the services.
  • By reducing times required forresolution of incidents and even being able to predict them thanks to a proactive analysis of trends based on precise historical data.


  • Definition of views for calculation of capacity and availability of the infrastructure and services, thus preventing false positives and only creating warnings about circumstances that are really relevant.
  • Real-time display of the availability and capacity of the services integrated into the CMDB graphic.
  • Graphic and interactive display of how unavailability spreads to other infrastructure elements and/or services.
  • Dashboards with real-time display of availability and capacity of the services and/or infrastructure.
  • Slideshow mode to present availability and capacity in real time on TVs, large-scale screens, projections...
  • Automatic monitoring of the infrastructure as soon as a new element is detected by the Proactivanet Discovery & Asset Management module.
  • Analysis of trends and simulation of future capacity according to patterns of demand.
  • Automatic and intelligent creation of incidents, by identifying in a single record the root cause of the outage, as well as the list of all services affected.
  • Automatic resolution of incidents when the service is restored.
  • Real calculation of downtime in 24x7, according to the service calendar, with or without defined maintenance windows.
  • Automatic calculation of MTTR, MTBF, MTBSI…and other metrics.
  • Automatic calculation of levels of compliance with SLAs.
  • Automatic calculation of the cost of unavailability.
  • Data mining adaptable to each organization’s specific needs thanks to advanced reports, completely customized lists, and dashboards for interactive graphic presentationof the information gathered.
  • Native integration with Proactivanet Configuration Management (CMDB) and Proactivanet Discovery & Asset Management.
  • Native integration with the rest of the modules of Proactivanet Service Desk (optional modules).
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